Civility or hypocrisy?

I have run a campaign that speaks of my goals for the city and accomplishments over the last 4 years.  Yet I get several calls each week that basically consist of, “You will never guess who was just here and what he (or his wife) said about you.”  Not only have they personally attacked me, they have attacked my family as well.  All while handing out materials that speak of civility.  Until now I have said nothing, but the Rochester Post Bulletin cut through the BS very nicely.  Note the difference:

Here is my opponent:

“I bring civility, integrity and common sense, as my brochure says,” he said. “My opponent is very intelligent, but sometimes you can get to the point that you become stupid. You’re so smart that you’re stupid.”

So much for civility. With that statement, Pruett aligned himself with those — many of them prominent figures in Rochester — who didn’t like Michael Wojcik when he upset Marcia Marcoux four years ago, and their opinion of him hasn’t changed.

Here is me:

Wojcik didn’t have a single bad thing to say about Pruett during our interview with him — didn’t mention Pruett at all, actually.

So what do you think, is he bringing civility or hypocrisy?

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