My kind of ordinance…

The 2011 Legislature allowed for a Brewer Taproom License for a business holding a
Micro-Brewery license with the State of Minnesota. The request to amend our liquor
ordinance to allow for a Brewer Taproom license will come before the Council on
October 1, 2012. We are asking that the ordinance amendment be given a first and
second reading at that time.

A Brewer Taproom License is issued the same as an on-sale malt liquor license and
allows the Micro-Brewery to sell on-sale malt liquor to the general public on the premises
of or adjacent to one location owned by the brewer. A brewer can have only one
taproom license. All provisions applicable to a retail liquor license shall apply to this
license; i.e., liquor liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Staff is recommending
the charge for this license be $300.00 to be consistent with other on-sale malt liquor

A Micro-Brewery can make and package malt liquor and sell off-sale to the public in
64-ounce containers known as “growlers”. A Micro-Brewery is regulated and licensed
through the State of Minnesota but does require a city to issue an off-sale license to sell
the growlers. An off-sale malt liquor license is $36.00.

A request for the Micro-Brewery and Brewer Taproom License will be before you at the
October 1, 2012, meeting. The facility will be located at 1016 Seventh Street NW in the
M-1 zoning district which allows for this type of business.

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