Kutzky Park be aware: Read this note from the RPD

I am sharing this Facebook post from our Rochester Police Department.  Kutzky Park has come a long way in the last 20 years and we are going to fight this till its go as well.  Please read the note below.  I don’t want you to be scared, I do what you to be aware and proactive.  Please write down license places from cars you don’t recognize at night and leave the front lights on.


On 9-12-12 at 2318 hours the Rochester Police Department responded to a call of sexual assault that occurred in the 1200 block of West Center Street. Upon arrival officers meet an adult female victim that reported that she was physically and sexually assaulted by an intruder who had entered her unlocked residence. The assault ended and the suspect fled the scene when the victim yelled and screamed alerting a nearby neighbor. A motor vehicle was heard leaving the area in the alley way behind the residences on West Center Street. The victim was seen and released at St. Mary’s hospital with injuries consistent with her report. The victim recalled that earlier in the day she had observed a younger black male subject in a vehicle staring at her as she walked in the area. She described the vehicle as an older burgundy colored minivan with wood grained sides. The occupant of this motor vehicle is not considered a suspect in this crime however law enforcement is seeking the assistance of the public in identifying either the vehicle or its occupant as a person/vehicle of interest.

Over the course of the past 4 months Police have identified 4 incidents with some broad and basic similarities that heightened concerns for public safety in this general geographical area. These three incidents below along with the most recent assault (9-12-12) all occurred in the neighborhood or area bordered by the following: St. Mary’s Hospital on the south (2nd St SW) , Hwy 52 on the west, Kutzky Park on the north, and 6th Ave on the east.

These incidents share some common characteristics such as the suspect was a stranger or was an intruder in the victim’s home, basic suspect description, and sexual assault or possible sexual assault as a motive.

These incidents are being aggressively investigated in an effort to determine if they are related however at this time no direct investigative connection can be made between any of these incidents

The three additional incidents each of which was released to the public are:

On 5-4-12 at approximately 0530 hours an adult female reported that she was sexually assaulted by a unknown light skinned black male as she prepared to jog in area. The suspect abandoned the assault as the victim physically resisted her attacker.
On 7-1-12 at approximately 0310 hours an adult female reported that she was awaken while sleeping in her bedroom as she was being touched by a male intruder. She yelled and the suspect fled the unlocked residence.
On 9-4-12 at approximately 2145 hours an adult male subject was in a bedroom of his residence when a black male intruder opened the bedroom door. When verbally confronted the intruder fled the residence on foot.

All four of these incidents involved a suspect that generally can be described as a light skinned black male, 20-30 years of age, 5-6 to 5-10 height, average to athletic build.

The Rochester Police Department is releasing this information so that individuals that reside in or near this neighborhood can take action to lock and secure their residences and be alert to their surroundings. The Rochester Police Department is also seeking the public’s assistance with information regarding possible suspects, the ownership of the burgundy van, or any additional information regarding any of these incidents or other suspicious activity occurring in this area.

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  1. I am also aware of several burglaries in the area that happened in this same period. Many of these used forced entry. The ally ways and streets are dark and street lights are dim or out in some areas. I do not feel safe walking outside my house after dark especially after the recent attack.

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