Michael Wojcik files campaign complaint report against Michael Wojcik

Here is the report I filed today.

Michael Wojcik votewojcik@gmail.com

11:00 AM (0 minutes ago)

to county.attorney, ostrem.mark

Please confirm receipt of this document.

I would like to self report a violation of campaign finance law.  After receiving incorrect information from the city clerk (verified by the secretary of state’s office) I accepted 4 contributions of $500.00.  I received confirmation on September 5th that the limit should have been $300.00.  As of this morning I have bank initiated refunds of $200.00 to each of the 4 parties.  Two of the parties are my wife and I which I do not know if the same limits apply.  For confidentiality reasons I am not attaching the bank reference documents, however I will provide them to your office upon request.

I personally apologize for the error.  I believe in transparency and take personal responsibility for following all laws.  I feel it is my responsibility to report when I violate those laws, even when it is done unintentionally.

— Regards,

Michael Wojcik Rochester City Council – Ward 2


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