Storm Damage Update from RPU

Rough night for the utility system.

Last night’s storm damage was extensive and wide spread throughout the RPU service area. As of 8:00 AM we had about 4,000 customers without power. At an update a few minutes ago we still had around 1800 without power.

RPU has three contract tree trimming crews working with the RPU crews clearing trees/branches. We have called MMUA to put them on notice we might need mutual aid from other utilities. MMUA is in the process of coordinating with nearby utilities.

All of RPU’s crews are working to restore service.. We will need to release them tonight around 11:00 PM for rest. Depending on what is left, we will bring in outside crews in the morning. The remaining work at that point we feel will be individual services that were torn down, and short line sections with only a few customers. This will require some RPU involvement to guide the work.

So far the structural damage reports are not significant, it is the trees and branches that are on the lines, or have torn down the lines. Only a few broken poles.

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