Note about some Rochester firefighters

Great note about our Rochester Fire Department!

Chief Martin, I am just writing you a thank you note for what one of a couple of your firefighters did. We were down in Rochester at Mayo for a procedure for my son who is 3 on Wednesday the 22nd. After his procedure we had to go over the Target off 41st Street. One of your truck pulled in behind us after we got my son out, who had already had a long day, and he saw the firefighters getting out of the truck. They stopped and could tell that he was not having the best day because he still had a tube coming out of his nose for a test that he was having. They stopped and went back to the truck to try and find him a sticker. They couldn’t find a sticker but instead found a stuffed animal for him. They also found a stuffed animal for my 8 mo old daughter. They also invited us to tour the station if we wanted. It was something that was able to put a little good in a very hard morning. I do not know who the 2 guys and 1 gal were but they should know that we really appreciated it and would like to say THANK YOU! Sincerely, XXX

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