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I love it when other people do work and I can just plagiarize it.  Thank you to Randy Staver.
Good Morning,

I have a couple of short items today I thought you’d like to be aware of.

  • Stonehedge / Rocky Creek Signal Light:

You’re probably aware of the work that has been going on over the past few weeks to install a new traffic signal at the intersection of Rocky Creek / Stonehedge / Circle Drive East.  That work is moving to the final stages to be completed before school starts.

Winkels Electric will be installing traffic signal poles and mast arms at the intersection on Tuesday, August 21st , 2012.  Most of the work, on East Circle Drive NE, is expected to take place in the early morning hours, with work beginning around 5:00 AM, with all roadway closures on East Circle Drive being complete before 6:30 AM.  During that time, short term roadway closures maybe encountered, while the signal mast arms are bolted to the traffic poles. Roadway closures are anticipated to last no more than 15 minutes for any direction. Various lane closures may occur throughout the day as other work is being complete.

  • Forum: Working with Your City

Maybe your neighborhood has had an opportunity to work with the city as part of a larger development project.  Or perhaps you’ve read about projects in other parts of the city.  Either way, it can be an involved, confusing process if you’ve never gone through it before.

RNeighbors is hosting a community forum entitled ‘Working with Your City’ to be held on Wednesday, September 26th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.  It will be held in the Rochester Public Library auditorium and is free.  A panel, consisting of members from planning, building safety, city attorneys office, city council and other areas, will first give a brief overview of their respective area as it relates to the process.  Then, representatives from five neighborhoods will give an overview of a project that has happened or is happening.  Included will be Badger Hills, Historic SW, Indian Heights, Kutzky Park North and Slatterly Park Neighbors.  In each case we will have some dialogue about the process – what worked and what could have been improved.  A nice opportunity to learn more about how these sorts of activities are handled in the city of Rochester.

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