Join me in welcoming Dr. Wendy Ring to Rochester

A number of cyclists will be leaving Rochester this Saturday from the Douglas Trail lot near Valleyhigh and West Circle Drive at 12:30.  We will ride out to Pine Island to greet Dr. Ring and ride with her back to Rochester at about 2 PM.  I will try to attend, and hope you can too.

Doctor bicycles across United States to warn of health dangers from climate change.

Tuesday July 2, 2012 BAYSIDE, CA- Doctor Wendy Ring, a 56 year old family physician, is riding a bicycle across the country this summer to talk to people about the health effects of climate change and the need to speed transition to renewable energy. Climate change is already affecting health in the United States; resulting in thousands of emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths from a variety of respiratory, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases. Medical professional organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Public Health Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Practice have all issued warnings that climate change is harmful to the health of the American people and called for the rapid reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Doctor Ring and her husband are riding a tandem bicycle with camping gear across the northern states, giving talks at venues ranging from hospitals to house parties. They started from Oregon in July and aim to reach Washington DC by the end of September. Doctor Ring states: “I’m deeply concerned that our government is not responding to the alarms being sounded by the medical and scientific community with policies that go far enough or take effect fast enough to avert a public health catastrophe. Our country has the resources and technology to rapidly lower CO2 emissions but lacks the political will.  In medicine there’s a time period called the Golden Hour, when care must be given to critically ill or injured patients if they are to survive. In the case of our planet, the Golden Hour is almost over and we still haven’t provided proper treatment. The International Panel on Climate Change and our own federal agencies such as NASA, the EPA, and the CDC predict that if we continue “business as usual”, global temperature will increase 7 to 11 degrees by the end of the century with drastic consequences for human health.”

“I’m not a climate scientist, but twenty five years as a family doctor have taught me how to translate science into plain English and help people make changes to improve their health. In the absence of leadership from above, citizens must organize from the bottom up and build a movement to demand government action. So, in the tradition of Paul Revere, my husband and I are riding around the country to wake people up to the danger we face and move clean energy to the top of our national agenda.”

Dr. Ring is a graduate of Yale and Columbia Universities and holds a Doctorate in Medicine and a Masters Degree in Public Health. Formerly the medical director of an innovative mobile clinic in rural northern California, she has been recognized by the California State Senate and Assembly, the House of Representatives, the US Senate, the California Medical Association, and the American Medical Association for her contributions to health care for the underserved. To learn if Dr. Ring will be in your area or invite her to speak in your community please contact Susan Brinton at above email address.

Susan Brinton
Cell: (707)845-9242
Arcata, CA 95521


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  1. Dear Rochester Bikers:

    Thank you for rolling out the cycling red carpet for Dr. Ring. She is a long time member of Physicians for Social Responsibility and we are so proud to be associated with her climate change bike tour. We wish you all the best of luck today . . . and good weather!

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