Expense Report

As always I try to set the standard in transparency and make it a point to post my expense reports on my website.  Here is the latest.  I believe that I am still the only locally elected official in the region to do this.  As my most loyal readers know I also frequently share discussion and information from conferences that I attend.

As has been the case all 4 years I have been in office, this year I will spend less on travel that the benefits that I give back to the city.  As as an added bonus, you don’t get an uneducated councilman.

Edit: I had some comments that the previous link did not work.  I was OK on my system.  Here is another shot, but if you would like this document or any others you can email me as well.

Personal Expense 073012 (YEO CED)

Edit 2: I love that I get contacted a bunch of times by people that I don’t know when this is broke, readership justifies the effort.

Edit 3: Still not working, I asked my crack “staff” to take a look.


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