Slatterly Park Vision Plan

Come learn about how to protect and invest in a neighborhood for the long run.  Have a great idea?  Come share it.  Have a concern? Come share it.

The Slatterly Park Vision Plan Presentation has been set for Tuesday September 18, 7:00 – 9:00pm at the Hawthorne Education Center Gymnasium, 700 4th Ave SE, as always you can view the Vision Plan and the timeline of events through the past 2 ½ years at under the vision plan tab.  The presentation will be set up to encourage people to get their questions answered. Everyone with a property address in the neighborhood will receive a notice from Planning and Zoning a couple weeks prior to the meeting. Please save the date, and if you have any questions before the presentation please contact me, and we’ll have someone from the Leadership Team answer your question.

The Vision Plan is an opportunity for the Slatterly Park neighborhood to develop a vision for the future, through a comprehensive approach, that identifies our strengths and weaknesses to develop a plan that will serve as a guide for the future.  It is important to note that any part of the Vision plan that gets adopted or implemented still needs to go through proper channels of city government i.e. Planning & Zoning & City Council, and that some of the vision plan elements are long range plans.

Below are the three primary topics we have heard concerns about:

1. Modified Entrance into Slatterly Park from the south off of 11th Ave SE

2. 6th Street Bridge over the Zumbro River, and the through connection across Third Ave SE to 6th Street SE

3. The change of Land Use designation of a pocket of mixed residential single family homes/apartment complexes west of 11th Ave SE & Macken Funeral Home from Low Density to Medium Density.  (It is important to keep in mind that this is not a zoning change)

Imagine a great place to call home • Get involved • Be a part of something great!

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