More on RCL Decision

The City asked Judge Chase for clarification as to what happens should RCL operate on a substantially reduced schedule. Judge Chase responded as follows:

1) First Transit can serve the routes and portions of routes, and the schedules and portions of schedules, that RCL does not serve on the pre-July 1 schedule.

2) Conversely, “RCL not serving some routes does not result in its loss of the pre-July 1 schedule on the routes it does serve.”

3) “RCL must either get in or get out. A situation in which First Transit is required to act as a kind of day-to-day standby carrier, providing substitute pre-July 1 schedule service when RCL periodically declines to do so, is obviously untenable.”

4) He urges RCL to tell First Transit and/or the City what routes and times it plans to operate next week, “as soon as its plans are known.” He said that, if RCL fails to cooperate with the City and First Transit in terms of schedule notification, RCL “will only inconvenience the bus-riding public, the needs of which have always been an avowed priority of RCL.”

We were hoping to get a “black and white” statement from the Court that either RCL serves or doesn’t serve its approved routes and schedules. We didn’t get it.

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