PSA on Transit Changes on July 2, 2012

First Transit will begin operations of the publicly funded city bus service in Rochester on Monday, July 2, 2012. With this Change comes 2; new brand: Rochester Public Transit (RPT).

When you ride RPT, here’s what you need to know:

  • Through Saturday, June 30, you will continue to ride Rochester Public Transit buses operated by Rochester City Lines.
  • Beginning July 2, your bus pass will be honored on Rochester Public Transit buses operated by First Transit

Key changes see as part of this transition include:

  • New bus color scheme Look for new branding and striping on city buses beginning in late June. The buses will striped blue and green and display the RPT logo, the web address and new telephone number. Buses that have not been restriped by July 2 will display a dash and curbside poster with the RPT lego.
  • New bus step signs – The bus Stops will remain in the same locations. All of the stops will eventually be resigned with el new sign displaying the RPT logo.
  • New website and telephone number for the latest bus information The new telephone number, 507-328~RIDE (328-7433), will be operational beginning 2. The new Website, RPTRIDE.COM is currently linked to RochesterBus.c0m.
  • RPTRIDE.COM will soon have its own new look and R0chesterBus.c0m will be discontinued.
  • New passes – All bus passes will reflect the new Rochester Public Transit name as of July 2.
  • Passes bought before July 2 will continue to be honored, including annual passes.
  • New driver uniforms – The new uniforms will be similar to the current uniforms, but will feature the Rochester Public Transit logo.

What’s not changing:

  • Routes Where the buses go today, they will go tomorrow at the same times.
  • Bus Stops – The buses will stop at the same locations.
  • Many of First Transit drivers will be former drivers familiar with the Rochester Public Transit route system.
  • Commuter buses – These changes do not impact Commuter bus Service. The commuter buses serving outlying communities are operated by Rochester City Lines. Passengers from the commuter buses will be able to transfer to the RPT buses free of charge to continue on to their Íînal destination Within the City by showing their commuter pass. They can return to the downtown to board their commuter bus at no charge by again showing their commuter pass.

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