May 22, 2012


ROCHESTER, MN – After 4 years of service, I will seek election to the Rochester City Council seat for Ward 2. It has been a pleasure to represent the citizens of one of America’s great cities; built on the dedication of generations of progressive leaders.  I hope to continue to serve as a steward for the community and its resources, and promote responsible, healthy growth and development.

I have appreciated the opportunity to serve my friends and neighbors and provide stewardship for Rochester.  I have been the civic leader who is never afraid to ask the tough questions or stand up to foolish shortsightedness.  I have seen the neighborhoods I represent grow and prosper.  For the first time in a generation we are building up the Historic Southwest instead of tearing it down.  The uptown area is preparing for a major public works project that will prepare it for the next hundred years.  Kutzky Park is a low crime middle class neighborhood.  Our city is safer after cracking down on slumlords, prostitution, and human trafficking.  We are better protecting our natural environment and creating special places that are capable of drawing the best and brightest people the world has to offer.

Some first term accomplishments:

  • Complete streets – every road project now aims for the safety of all users
  • Affordable housing standards – No longer will the city support cheap neighborhoods destined to fail.
  • Human trafficking crackdown – New regulations now give law enforcement tools to shut down human trafficking and prostitution.
  • Facilitation of the uptown project slated for 2013 – The area west of Highway 52 will welcome visitors with new infrastructure and the crown jewel of the Rochester Park System.
  • Grocery store downtown – For the first time in a generation, downtown will have a full service grocery store that is community owned.
  • Best value bidding – We can now choose to factor for quality and cost in our bidding processes. This will save $2 million on our next transit contract.
  • Independent Ethics Panel – We now have a group that is independent of the city with the ability to weigh in on ethics complaints.
  • Empowerment of neighborhood groups – Our neighborhoods have the ability to chart their own course for growth and success.
  • Domestic Partner Registry – Rochester has done what it ca to be welcoming to all people regardless of how God made them.

Today, Rochester’s economy is the envy of the nation, with low unemployment and continuing job growth.  Our city is vibrant, our crime rate is low, our neighborhoods are strong, and our citizens enjoy a high quality of life with a thriving arts community, excellent parks, and outstanding educational opportunities.

My goals for the next four years will be further destruction of, as I see it, the “Good Ol’ Boys” system that has benefited a few at the expense of many.  I wish to see further reductions in taxpayer subsidies for poor development.  I will continue to oppose those who would do harm to our city.

The decision to run was not an easy one, given the ages of my two daughters and my interest in pursuing a PhD.  For now the education will be on hold as I hope to continue to have a small part in the successes Rochester has seen in the last 4 years.

Further information is available at www.votewojcik.org and on Twitter @VoteWojcik.

For more information:

Michael Wojcik



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  1. Glad to hear it. I truly feel that you work towards the best interests of the citizens of Rochester and our ward.

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