Bicycle masterplan public hearing

The Bicycle masterplan will receive a hearing in front of the Rochester Planning & Zoning Board on May 23rd at 7 PM (the meeting is at the government center and is typically in the council chambers).  If you care about these issues, plan on showing up and speaking.

Meeting notice.

They will be weighing in on whether the Bicycle Masterplan should be adopted.

Bicycle Masterplan.

Here are some facts you should know.

Minnesota bike facts.

  • Minnesota has over 1500 jobs in the bike industry, 350 businesses, and 144 million in annual revenue.
  • Biking / Walking in MN receives biking receives 1.5% of Federal funding, represents 12% of all trips, and 9% of all fatalities.
  • The percentage of trips traveled by walking / biking is higher in cities and increasing.
  • The cost of the entire bike masterplan is less that the Elk Run intersection.
  • The cost of the entire bike masterplan is about 2.5% of total 2040 infrastructure spending. (per Phil Wheeler)
  • “Gas Tax” revenues fund less than 2% of transportation infrastructure in Minnesota.
  • The other 98+% comes from other sources.
  • 40% of Minnesotans do not drive.
  • Bike paths and bike lanes serve different users.

I want more safe routes for recreational and commuting bikers and fewer memorial bike rides.

Edit:  More data from Phil Wheeler:

Michael – My estimate of 2.5% of cost is high. For the 25 year period covered in the Long Range Transportation Plan, the $31M for bike infrastructure would represent 2% of revenues and 1.3% of total transportation system needs.

Citywide, bicycle and pedestrian commuting in the latest 5-year ACS data sums to 4% (3.3% for walking, 0.7% biking), about equal to transit’s 4.2%. If the 2,190 people now commuting by biking or walking were to each need a parking space in a ramp, we would need to spend $48,200,000 to accommodate them. Of course, not all of them work downtown and not all of them would park in a ramp, but it is still a large number. – Phil


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