Council to discuss Bike Masterplan

For years Rochester and Olmsted County have been developing a bicycle masterplan.

Many meetings and opportunities for feedback have finally resulted in a plan that the city council got to review.  For this to be implemented we will need your advocacy and support at the Rochester City Council and Olmsted County Board meetings.  Even after we get these plans adopted we need to make sure that they are not ignored.  There is so many good recommendations here that I encourage you to take the time to read this, write down your thoughts, and make sure your elected leaders vote to adopt and follow the plan.

To make this plan a reality we will need to spend about 2.5% of our transportation funding on this system.  This SHOULD be an easy sell given the fact that:

  • 12% of all trips in Minnesota are by walking or bike (higher in places like Rochester)
  • biking receives about 1.5% of federal funding
  • results in more than 9% of all traffic fatalities in Minnesota
  • the industry represents has more than 1500 jobs in MN
  • the industry contributes $145 million annually to the MN economy

And just in case you hear this nugget:

According to County Planner Phil Wheeler’s presentation to the city council, only 1.8% of transportation funding comes from the gas tax.  So don’t buy that tired talking point.  Biking is far more cost effective for taxpayers than more and bigger roads.

Here is data on bike commuting in major cities:

Here is the link to the yet to be adopted masterplan:

Here is the downtown bicycle study:

Here is a link to our Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee:

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