Hate mail: A reason not to run for office

I do get some of these.  I will just let you decide on what to think about this.  I only have 2 responses.  1) Google her name  2) Please vote YES on the sales tax extension.

I have been a citizen in the city of Rochester for 54 years.  During those years I was never politically active until three years ago when a man named “Barack Obama” took office.  I do not consider him our president for my own reasons, but I am sick and tired of the spending that he has done these past three years as well as the state and local spending which are no different.  I have been silent for the past 14 months but you can bet that from this day forward I will not be as silent.  First of all we do NOT need a civic center expansion.  We do NOT need more sales tax.  That sales tax was from the flood of ’78 which I lived through, and we already have flood control, and it is working just fine.  We don’t need to build expensive bridges, expand civic centers, expand volleyball courts, or any of the other worthless projects that you are proposing.  This is a matter of “want” and “need”.  The economy sucks basically, and you all know it.  You can’t spend money we don’t have anymore, and we the citizens of Rochester are not your ATM cards anymore.  I will fight this to the end, and I will vote NO for every ounce of spending that you propose that we do not need.

The needs are:  Safety, roads and schools.  Other than that screw it!  I am with Mike Rolih, and I am with the tea party and the republicans, and many of you are on the opposite side, but the ATM card is closed.  You can’t have more tax money for stupid stuff like this.

By the way Bruce Snyder and Ed Hruska, I have my dog back, and you will never ever touch him again.  Damn, Ed, next time you try to run a dog hearing read the ordinance first as you did not even know it at the time and I had to read it to you!  The dog is non aggressive now and was before, and the state law no longer allows people like you to make such decisions.  I won my case, and I was right all along.  My dog is well taken care of as are all the other three, and I have followed the ordinance all along.  My day care is closed at my request, and I refuse to take any more of your crap about the overspending.  I will be writing letters the editor and sitting at your meetings and speaking out until you are so sick of me you could puke.

This is what elections are for, and you can believe that I will make your next ones hell.

Diana Friemann

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