Well I am back

I was traveling far too much in March. In March I attended the Rochester Day at the Capital, National League of Cities, Nation Bike Summit, and a Young Elected Officials Network Meeting. For the first time since 2008, by business suffered a losing month, so I really don’t like traveling that much. It is good to be home. I did meet a number of interesting people who inspired some new ideas.  In between the events I got to spend some family time in the nations capital.

As always I am posting my expense reports as a sign of transparency that I started in 2009. Here is my travel policy again for those that missed it in the past. 1) Treat the dollars like my own, that’s why I stay in building that are under construction, the Super 8 in PHX, or in B&Bs with a shared bath. 2) I return about $13,000 annually in entitled benefits to the city of Rochester and always keep travel expenses to less than that. 3) I try new things, but hate wasting time because every time I travel, I lose business income.

Here are the latest updates:

Personal Expense 032412 (NBS)

Personal Expense 032412 (YEO)

Personal Expense 031712 (NLC)

Personal Expense 031512

Personal Expense 020112

Personal Expense Invoice 111511

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