S&P reaffirms Rochester’s AAA Rating

We don’t play games.  We don’t unallocated LGA.  We don’t cut market value credits.  We don’t retroactively cut CDBG.  We don’t steal from school districts.  We don’t shift fees to other governments. We don’t inappropriately borrow against future revenue streams.  We sometimes get beat up for setting taxes that actually pay for our expenses.  We prioritize stewardship over talking points.  We have still managed to reduce our expenses nearly 20% in real terms over the last decade. We are still a great community to live in.  And that is why S&P says that we are still AAA rated and stable, while Minnesota and the US Governments are not as a result of their diffusional tax policies.

Dear Minnesota and Federal politicians, take a look at how responsible stewards do it…

Statement from S&P

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