Senators Senjem and Nelson to offer strong support for Mayo Civic Center proposal

Rochester Day at the Capital appears to have had an impact on Rochester’s #1 priority the Mayo Civic Center and Olmsted County’s #1 priority a Zip Line study.  Here is Sen. Senjem proudly wearing his badge supporting the MCC project.  In addition Sen. Nelson also affirmed strong support and indicate that she was actually the person introducing the bill.  Previously Rep. Liebling and Rep. Norton have expressed support in the house.  City staff, officials, and residents met with a tremendous number of legislators in both parties and chambers and they most all said 1 thing.  “If we have the support of Sen. Senjem supports the project, it will happen.”  As an elected official in Rochester my goal is to have our state and federal reps deliver for us, so I was delighted to confirm the senator’s support.  We also heard similar support for the Zip line study so we are looking good there as well.

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