Rochester’s crow issue (birdpocalypse 2012)

I see that I have been contacted by many members of PETA regarding our crow issue so I thought I would take the time to put my thoughts into a blog post instead of answering everyone individually.

For those of you that are unaware we have a serious infestation issue with an over population of crows in many parts of Rochester including downtown.  This has created an unpleasant nuisance for many businesses and a public health threat at the Mayo Clinic and local restaurants.  We worked with a company called US Bird Abatement and saw very limited success.  We do not have unlimited funds and we can’t rebuild our downtown to address this.  I have no interest in causing unnecessary harm to any living thing.

One thing to remember is that the crows are not coming downtown to eat, rather to roost.  Thus we don’t have garbage issues to deal with.  They are downtown for heat and light, neither of which is easy to remove.

Here are my priorities:

  1. Address the very serious public health and commerce threat.  As County Commissioner Stephanie Podulke told me, “If these were rats, they would be dead.”  The fact is that crows are prodigious carriers of west Nile Virus and introduce feces to our environment this must be addressed.
  2. Do this in a humane manner if possible.  We have tried many methods with limited success.  There are a number of “great” suggestions out there that haven’t worked at all.

At the end of the day, the crows will be dealt with.

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