Rochester Teens meet Sen. Senjem and Governor Dayton

Mark Bilderback and I were fortunate enough to join some great kids from Rochester on their day at the capital. This group was very engaged despite some coming from challenging circumstances. There were some great exchanges with Senator David Senjem and Mark Dayton.  Both Governor and the Majority were as non-partisan as human beings could ever have been. This was all about the kids.  I also loved that we had a diverse group of kids who actually represent what Rochester looks like.  Not the “white and wealthy that elected officials from other parts of the state sometimes envision.

Senator Senjem took time out of his schedule to visit with the kids. My favorite questions was, “Are you the governor?”   Sen. Senjem also told the kids that you are successful when you help others to be successful.  The  kids met with most local elected officials.  I even went back and forth with Sen. Nelson who offered to meet with the kids.  Unfortunately schedules did not permit.

I am processing the video, but I will eventually add the video of kids asking Mark Dayton questions. The best part of the whole day was Mark Dayton blowing off his staffers and later our own Mayor so that he could keep answering questions from the kids.  Even after his staff finally wrestled him out of the room, he came back again for a picture.

Most the questions were quite good, there were a few that were overly scripted. One person from the press corps commented that the kids asked better questions than the press corps.

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