Fact Checking Jason Mehring

Jason Mehring has a nice little work of fiction in the Post Bulletin.  Lets check out his accuracy:


The other sad part of the story is us small business people and nonprofits who have to pay for such a lavish waste of money.

The truth:  Businesses are only paying for the replacement of the roadway and sidewalks.  This is required as the current stretch is in need of replacement.  There is nothing lavish about that.

We have been struggling to break even from year to year, and now after an 8.5 percent tax increase on each property, they are assessing our properties another $81,000 to pay for this unnecessary beautification project. This will take years upon years for us to even think about paying off.

The truth:  The assessment is at the same rates as every other business and we are offering payment over 10 years.  Not one penny of the $81,000 is going to unnecessary beautification.


We believe that there is a plan to take our property at below market rates because we will not be able to keep up with all of these extra expenses and we will be forced out by the bank.

The truth:  There is no such conspiracy.


Not only is this a huge financial burden on us, this project also calls for taking part of our lawn, shrubs, our very mature trees, taking out our street parking and cutting down our main access to our property.

The truth:  Not one square inch of this property is being take for this project and the property still has access.  The business raised the concern about the future access, so I tried the access in a Prius in a snowstorm and had absolutely no issue.


When asked for revisions during the many meetings leading up to the decision to go forth, our Council Member Michael Wojcik told us if we do not like it, we can move.

The truth:  Completely fictitious statement that was never said.  This statement is insulting and contradicts the public thanks received from several businesses through the process.


Why then are we the ones to take all the hardship on absurd projects like this one, especially in a poor economic market that we still find ourselves in.

The truth:  The market for rental housing near downtown is on fire, many new projects are getting started.  Rochester is one of the fastest growing areas in the nation.  Maintaining a roadway is not absurd.



  1. Billy-Agreed. Jason Mehring and his wife are both sociopathic liars who try bringing down the good people of this world. Beware of them!

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