Update on #birdpocalypse2012

Here is a note from the legendary Gary Nuemann:

Last night I joined Mayo personnel in touring the downtown with the company that has been harassing the crows.  This was the last night that they will be working for a while in Rochester. 

The company, US Bird Abatement Services, estimated that originally we had about 10,000 crows in the downtown. Last night there were two small groups of crows in the downtown north of 3rd St. South of about 25 crows (one group by Gonda and a few by PB area). In addition there were a few larger groups, probably not exceeding a couple of hundred in the KROC and Premier Bank area.  The total number was less than 500 crows (probably more like 300) that we could find in the downtown.   The company believes that these are older birds that have been coming to Rochester for many years and will be difficult to dislodge.  Mayo has been dealing with crow issues since the mid-1990’s. There may be a couple of hundred more crows that come into the City in  the late morning that people would see when they go to work. Overall, though, it  appears the numbers of crows are down significantly.

At this point the hope is that if the weather turns cold the birds that have moved out will not come back and that some of the remaining ones will fly south.  Usually cold February weather drives them out, but our weather this year may be different.  The company may be brought back for a few days if a significant number of birds return.

I know that some of you are probably hoping that I got “dropped on” while conducting this valuable inspection on your behalf.  But being nimble and fleet of foot, I did manage to escape “undropped”.

Have a great day!

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