Kutzky Park and Historic SW: this is going to be ugly

I figured I would mention this early because this is going to be a really awful year if you are a driver in the SW.  I would encourage you to get you walking shoes out or that bike tuned up.  Here is a rundown of the road projects scheduled for this summer.  Access will be maintained, but expect some busy streets.

  • 2nd Street SW full reconstruction between 6th Ave SW through 11th Ave SW – All Summer
  • 2nd Street NW & 8th Ave NW new sewer line and reconstruction between Civic Center Drive and just past 12th Ave NW – All Summer
  • 1st Street SW (probably from 6th or 7th Avenue to 11th Avenue) – Being studied, but an overlay would be a couple of weeks, reconstruction All Summer
  • 4th Street SW, 1st Ave SW, 6th Street SW major sewer project and full reconstruction (4th and 6th won’t be closed simultaneously). – All Summer+

Yup, its going to be ugly, but these projects are overdue and should serve the area for the next 100 years.


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