Rochester contribution to property tax increases

The county and the school board were able to hold their tax levy flat this year despite inflation.  The city raised their levy.  Here is a note from Dale Martinson explaining how much our levy change will effect your taxes.  When you factor in lost LGA, we actually made significant cuts yet again.  I have some concerns over increasing deferred maintenance within the city.

Well, it is still the same percentages off their current proposed tax bill if you went back to the prior year levy.

However, if you are asking what we could save them if we went from where we are now to last year’s levy, we are at about .787 of the original increase so the percentage of their total bill savings would now be around 1.49% and 1.06% for homes and commercial props respectively.

However, we really couldn’t go that low without finding some other department to cut since one half of the remaining 2.1 million increase is all related to the PWOC debt payment increase.


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