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At last Monday’s meeting the circus was back in town.  The local Tea Party “patriots” came loaded with talking points and were upset the the adults (including all 7 council members and the mayor) in the room instead relied on facts and logic.

Cindy Maves: That last post-bulletin survey 73% said no, 20% said it could wait.

Michael Wojcik:  You do know what a scientific poll is and an unscientific poll, though?

Cindy Maves:  It’s still a poll, it’s still a poll, I’m not saying those are factual numbers.

Wojcik:  Laughing.

I for one prefer factual numbers and choose responsibility for preserving our assets and minimizing out local taxes over pandering.

Here is Mary Allen as written in the Post-Bulletin:

Monday night I attended a frustrating meeting where the voices of many citizens were ignored by the council, especially Michael Wojcik. I would like to challenge him, since he likes to do research, he says, to come up with a list of $40 motels where poor people stay when coming to Mayo for treatment.

I haven’t seen a $40 motel for years, and if I did I certainly wouldn’t want to spend time in it while getting treatment at Mayo Clinic.

Here is the 1 minute it took be to answer this challenge:


What is so infuriating to me is that I have reached out to Cindy Maves in the past in an effort to get some help in eliminating developer subsidies and fighting LGA cuts both of which would help lower taxes and fees.  This group has shown no interest in any education or any real policies that could reduce local taxes of fees.  I have voted against more spending than anyone on the council the last three years.  My Tea Party reward is this clueless babble and absolutely no engagement.


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