Sewer maintenance (infiltration & inflow)

Here is a note about our plans for sewer maintenance.  What do you think?

Here is a narrative overview of the presentation that will be made at the 10/10 COW Meeting on the removal of the Infiltration and Inflow contributions from private sources.

Due to the size of the files the Attachments referenced in the Report are not attached but can be viewed at

We are proposing a rather aggressive program to remove a significant quantity of the I&I that enters the public sewer system from private sector sources.  We hope to accomplish this with a significant investment of public funds from the Sewer Utility over the next 18 years (year 2030).  This investment will be shown to have a positive Benefit Cost compared to doing nothing now and having to make an even greater future investment in the upsizing of existing sewer main conveyance pipes and wastewater treatment facilities.

We are seeking guidance from the Council on this approach.  The devil is in the details yet to be formally established, but we want to know if you support this approach.

Richard W. Freese, P.E.

Director Public Works / City Engineer

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