September City Council Updates

Here are some updates.

1) Dennis Weestrand is still willing to profit from a business dealing in Human Sex Trafficking in Rochester.  Here are my official city council meeting comments.

2) Our bus contract will be put out for competitive bidding.  This is long overdue.  At the council meeting there was an attempt to pander and say that the big bad federal government is making us do this.  However after the pandering died down I specifically said that we should have competition for our contracts and if anyone on the council disagrees, please say so now.  No one spoke, so I read that 7-0 that the city council support competitive bidding.  This is not to say anything about our current operator, who I think does a very nice job.  I am championing a change rates where we will pay an hourly rate instead of the current death-by-excel back and forth that kills so much staff time.


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