New massage regulation coming

Everybody hates regulation, but when you have business owners like Dennis Weestrand, we can’t rely on people doing the right thing.  Dennis continues to profit from China Massage rent, though he has been made aware of human sex trafficking taking place in his building.  If you are a legit business, please take a look at the rules below and let me know if you have any concerns.

Massage Ordinance

Proposed Massage Business Ordinance

Proposed Massage Provider Ordinance

Additional Notes:

  • Weestrand has stated that is is not going to renew China Massage’s lease, however he is not willing to shut them down in the mean time.  He still chooses knowingly profit from sex trafficking.  Not acceptable.
  • Weestrand has discussed his intentions to find a NEW LOCATION for China Massage.  Not acceptable.
  • I am looking for attorneys will to help some of Weestrands resident business break their lease.  If you are willing to help, please contact Michael Wojcik.


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