Is there a market for quality urban housing downtown?

I have said yes for a number of years, and this email would support the same position.  Many local developers have disagreed.

Hello: We’re a young(er), higher-income couple who moved to Rochester, MN 2 years ago from a large city. We moved here to accept a position at Mayo. After 2 years, we’ve become so dismayed at the lack of attractive rental/housing options near downtown that we’ve tentatively decided to leave (leave the city and the job). While there are good housing options well outside the city proper, we want to be within walking distance  of downtown. That’s what’s attractive to us–to our lifestyle and our personalities. Many of our friends share this sentiment. There seems to be a huge focus here on low-income/affordable housing near downtown (example: Kutzky Flats, which we love but don’t qualify for because we make too much $$).   While I support this cause, it feels like it is being focused on to the exclusion of the rest of us. Question: What are Rochester leaders doing to make Rochester a more attractive place to us higher-income folks? So many of us non-natives leave after only 2-3 years because we simply become fed-up and bored. Lack of desirable rental/housing options downtown is a big part of this (certainly for us, anyhow).

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  1. I am in complete agreement with the above statement. There needs to be more 20 something middle class condos and apartments in the downtown area, specifically between St Marys and Mayo Clinic. Many people, I believe, would benefit and enjoy this opportunity for available housing. Putting this new housing for U of M students is great and all, but there is not much room for growth in that particular area. The master plan for downtown does not include the area that I think the would be good for urban development. The kutzky neighborhood would be a good area for more medium density residential with tax incentive from the city. This area would be beneficial for mayo employees of the younger generation who like the feel for a bigger city like: walking distance, convenient and everyday life. Is there any reason why this is not happening?

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