Prostitution continues at Corporate Gardens, LLC.

For immediate release:

Rochester City Councilman Michael Wojcik repeats call for local property owner Dennis Weestrand to shut down China Massage house of prostitution at Corporate Gardens LLC (2215 2ST SW Rochester).

“It is unconscionable for local property owner Dennis Weestrand to continue to knowingly profit from a business dealing in human sex trafficking in our community.”

-Rochester City Councilman Michael Wojcik

Last week the latest in a long series of Rochester prostitution arrests was made at China Massage in SW Rochester.  Previous police actions have also found prostitution occurring at this same business.  This arrest is the latest in an ongoing battle against prostitution and human sex trafficking in Rochester.

Dennis Weestrand who owns the Corporate Gardens, LLC where China Massage leases has been made aware of the prostitution activity by the Rochester Police Department including additional details that are being held in private at this point.  Both Councilman Michael Wojcik and the Rochester Police Department have previously requested that Dennis Weestrand terminate the lease of China Massage.  The Rochester Police Department also reports that Dennis Weestrand is not willing to forego rental income because as he told them, “Times are tough.”

A similar business engaging in prostitution was immediately shut down by a responsible property owner on Elton Hills Drive earlier this year.  Councilman Michael Wojcik would like to thank the responsible parties who took this step.

At the September 7, 2011 Council Meeting, Councilman Michael Wojcik laid out facts about prostitution at China Massage.  The city continues to revise a currently inadequate ordinance so as to allow a license to be revoked if sufficient evidence of prostitution exists.  A vote on a new ordinance may come as soon as October.  As with most civil matters, these actions can be taken without waiting for criminal cases to proceed.

“In my official role as Rochester City Councilman it is my responsibility to alert citizens of threats to public health, welfare, and safety.  There are a number of daycare facilities, preschools, and public parks near Corporate Gardens.  I request that local citizens and business continue to pressure Dennis Weestrand to stop the ongoing prostitution and human sex trafficking on his property. “

Councilman Michael Wojcik would also like to thank to thank the Rochester Police Department and other City and County enforcement and legal organizations for their tireless commitment to fighting human sex trafficking in Rochester.

For additional information or contact:

Rochester City Councilman Michael Wojcik

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