Firefighter Lawsuit

OK after losing this ridiculous lawsuit at every level, they are going to try the US Supreme Court.  Expect this case to not be taken, so ending an enormous waste of taxpayer dollars.  Here is a note from City Attorney, Terry Adkins.

To no one’s surprise, the firefighters who were unsuccessful before the entire Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in challenging the City’s decision not to hire them have used the only option left available to them;  an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.  One does not simply file a document in order to get before the highest court in the land.  Instead, one must ask the Supremes to agree to hear one’s case.  Typically, the Supremes agree to hear about 2% of the requests for review that are submitted to them.  (The Supremes receive about 5,000 requests for review every year.)  Thus, if for no other reason, the odds are heavily in our favor that the Supremes will refuse to hear this case.

The City will not ignore the firefighters’ request for review.  We will file a brief explaining to the U.S. Supreme Court why they have better things to do with their time than to hear this case.  I would expect to hear from the high court as to their decision on this request for review by the end of the year.

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