Fact Check: Rochester’s efficient government

Did you know that between 2003 and 2011 Rochester’s city government has actually shrunk 17%?

Yup, I bet that surprises you.  Here is the actual data which is available to the public.

If we also include our most recent unexpected $2 million in cuts (which some members of our state delegation didn’t even understand they were cutting), this actually becomes almost 18.5% in cuts.


I also wanted to include data on on public safety as people tell us that this should be our top priority.  Based on actual budgets, it has been.  Note that public safety has actually fared more than 20% better than the budget overall. Unfortunately, quality of life amenities and future investments have been cut.

So since we have cut the per capita budget taxpayers must have seen big property tax decreases, right?

Nope, every penny of the very real property tax increases we have seen are due to state cuts.  As a result St. Paul now takes an even bigger percentage of Rochester’s taxes.




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