Northwest Investments (Kwik Trip) Rochester City Council Discussion

Here is the video, you can watch the entire video online at  I shortened the 1 hour discussion to about 14 minutes.  You can hear how the council is willing to compromise.  My guess it that we should expect tree lined streets and trails with visibility openings for signage when all is said and done.


  • Northwest Investments is a different business than Kwik Trip, but is the same ownership group.  Kwik Trip has done a pretty responsible job in Rochester.  I’d love to see more urban designs in our city core and less of those ugly plastic signs in the boulevard, but as gas stations go they are as good as anyone.
  • It is important to realize that the city council did not weaken our standards, but development has gone ahead anyway.
  • There is some discussion about 35 ft. standards for commercial developments vs. 50 ft. for residential; this is actually the the same standard.  Staff studied this and found that a 50 ft. standard in residential area equates to the very same recommended 35 ft. due to increased utilities and curb cuts.
  • Mayo and Menards have also come forward with developments and have no expressed any concern with the tree standards.

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