Q & A: Speeding in my neighborhood; what can be done?

This is probably one of the most common questions council members get.

Question:  What can we do about cars speeding through our neighborhood?

Answer:  Throw life like dolls in front of vehicles, scream, tend to the doll, traumatize drivers.

not really…

Real Answer:  Because this is a common concern the city created a process to prioritize and address serious speeding areas.

  1. Speed study requests are initiated by neighborhood petition with 10 or more signatures (this ensures the neighborhood feels there really is a problem and it isn’t just one person with a complaint or someone trying to get a neighbor in trouble)
  2. We conduct a study to evaluate if there is a problem and to determine where it falls in our priority ranking for NTMP inclusion.
  3. Information concerning options available to the community will be provided to them through a neighborhood meeting to explain the results of the study.
  4. Speed reduction activities are initiated which could include a request for police enforcement targeted to the time of the highest violation.

Here is a report that details the entire process in great detail.

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