Good first step for the process redesign group

I was not at the meeting, but I have to say I am very pleased with their first action.


The “report” was a joke, and I am glad the committee figured that out as well.  In short, the Rochester Chamber, Minnesota Chamber, and Bush Foundation got ripped off.  My only disagreement with this statement is the report probably delayed action rather than spurring it on.

The Rochester Chamber of Commerce may have in effect pushed the city into a review of its building development rules, but the newly formed task force didn’t want to spend much time on the chamber’s written report.

Task force members said they found the chamber report to  be disappointing, divisive and not informative about city processes.

Task force member Dick Landwehr said the report was “like two ships passing in the night”, a comment on the chamber’s view versus the city’s view. Other task force members noted that the chamber report was based on 60 interviews done in two days by a consultant, in effect too little time to understand what was really going on.

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