First ever East-West bike route now available in Rochester

Here is the story from the Post-Bulletin:

Of course bikers have the right to use any roads, however simple modification make routes far more safe for bikers.  Cyclists now have a direct route between Apache Mall and Mayo High School.  This also provides a connection between the Southern portions of the Bear Creek and Zumbro Trails.

We missed an opportunity to do the same with 37th street, but look for far more of these in the future.  Shout out to Ward 2 citizen Terry Ward.

Quotes from the coverage in the Post-Bulletin:

The transportation department sought ideas from the community during three public meetings, including one with the Rochester City Council.

“We heard very clearly from those groups, plus the Rochester Council of Government … and they all recommended the bike lanes. So, we obviously incorporated them into our design,” Ward said.


“When there are dashed lines, cars need to pay attention and make sure there aren’t any bikers coming. If the lane is clear, they can move over to make their turn,” she said.

Birr said he thinks the new lanes bring Rochester one step closer to becoming a better biking community.

“Commuting is getting bigger and bigger every year in Rochester. And just little things like this can make a difference. So, if we can just see more of this, I think it’s going to be a great thing,” he said.

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