Questionable Peddlers

Police Crime Alert:

Tuesday, June 14, at 1513 hours Officers Roussell and Frissora were sent to the area of 22nd street SE regarding magazine (non-religious magazines) peddlers. 

They were able to identify the two peddlers through face book, on scene.  The two individuals they dealt with had no ID, no cell phones on their persons and said they didn’t know where they were staying; just that it was a campground an hour and a half out of Rochester.  They did not have a permit on their persons to peddle.  They said they were dropped off and were suppose to compete for sales and that they would be picked up again later.  They said their boss had a “State Permit”.

Sgt. O’Neil called the city attorney’s office and spoke with Dave Goslee and Pat Alfredson on the phone.  Basically what she was told was that if the peddlers have a state permit it over rides the city ordinance regarding a local peddler’s permit.  There was not a way, at the time to locate a state permit because officers did not have access to the permit number, so the two individuals were let go.  Citations could not be issued because it could not be determined at the time if a state permit was issued or not.  We will be contacting the State today  to verify the permit and get the permit number for our files.

The business is under as well as Lrumar Publications LLC out of Colorado.

The officers learned over the internet through the Better Business Bureau that this business has a “D” rating due to complaints against them.

One thing to note is that if someone orders magazines they only have 3 days to cancel if they decide they don’t want them but they aren’t left with adequate information in order to cancel.

The police department has responded to several compalints yesterday, June 14, about the peddlers.

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