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Here is some info on what RNeignbors has been up to.

Neighborhood Associations

RNeighbors, the Rochester Neighborhood Resource serves 40 registered neighborhood associations in Rochester, as well as other neighborhood related efforts. We assist neighborhoods with tools and work to efficiently and collectively organize resources, and encourage neighbors of all ages to interact with one another to build relationships that foster a diverse, welcoming community.


This RNeighbors core program is designed to empower and educates the community to grow a sustainable urban forest, benefiting the health, social, and economic aspects of Rochester neighborhoods.

Saturday, May 7, 450 neighbors, youth, and other community volunteers worked together to plant 1,000 trees, a record number of trees planted in one morning for the state of Minnesota and the RNeighborWoods program. Saturday, October 16, over 250 volun-trees joined together to plant 100 trees, filling some of the 250 empty boulevard spaces out of 446 tree spots in the South Park neighborhood.

April 9, the RNeighborWoods team helped 40 neighbors in the NW neighborhood (on the backside of Quarry Hill) plant 24 trees, as part of their Neighborhood Tree Grant. October 9  the Homestead neighborhood participated in the Neighborhood Tree Grant with 35 neighbors planting 20 new trees.

April 9, 2011 and September 11, 2010, over 70 people dedicated their Saturday on all about how to be a Citizen Forester.

All together, in our 2010-11 RNeighborWoods season, 1,143 boulevard trees were planted in Rochester neighborhoods by 845 volunteers.

Litter Bit Better

This city-wide trash cleanup program is an effort that RNeighbors partners with the City of Rochester on. One week every April, thousands of volunteers work together across Rochester to scour ditches, parks, waterways and boulevards to pick up tons of trash.

In April 2011, over 200 pounds of recyclables, 800 pounds of tires, 250 pounds of appliances, 200 pounds of metal, and 19,562 pounds of litter totaling nearly 10.5 tons (or 20,962 pounds) of waste were collected by A Litter Bit Better! volunteers during this year’s event. Over 3,334 volunteers in 242 groups registered for this year’s event.

RColorful Corners

This RNeighbors core program brings neighbors together to create street murals, transforming a public space into a neighborhood asset. This project is a way for neighbors to gather once a year and work side‐by‐side in a fun activity, creating a common gathering space.

In 2010 there were 5 neighborhoods impacted by street murals, painted by 290 volunteers. 23 agencies, organizations or businesses partnered in the program and a value of $20,108.25 of in‐kind service was donated.

Think Green Fair

The mission of the Think Green Fair is to gather Rochester neighbors together to celebrate sustainable living and experience hands-on examples of earth friendly living in Minnesota.

On April 16, a cold and windy day in Earth Month, over 800 neighbors attend the Fair. Activities such as music, food, a bike rodeo, city bus and compost demo, giveaways, tree plantings, and healthy food demonstrations were available. Over 135 gallons of motor oil, 16 car battery and 3,000 bottles and cans were collected during the Fair for recycling.

Rochester Arborist Workshop (RAW)

RNeighbors serves as the fiscal agent for the Rochester Arborist Workshop, a annual conference held in Rochester dedicated to promoting great city arboriculture across the tri-state region of southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa and southwest Wisconsin.

At the February 17 winter RAW workshop, 226 attendees learned about managing root systems and mature tree pruning strategies. Seventy arborists came to the summer workshop on May 20 to learn about tree dissection.

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