Giving away green space for museum

Here is a note I received from on of my outstanding neighborhood leaders.
Hello Neighbors,
Thank you to all of you who took the time to reply to the survey questions. The results were very telling, 97% of respondents are opposed to using the ball park and surrounding green space for the location of the veterans museum. The park board has already heard from the group supporting the park as a preferred building location and is planning to address the issue at their June 7th meeting. The Neighborhood Association board members are planning to attend this meeting and share our survey results with them. We are of the opinion that the museum is a fine idea in and of itself but that the proposed location is totally unacceptable. We, the board, are only 7 voices and you all know how politics work. If the park board does not see any significant opposition to this building site, then there is a chance it will go through. Also, it is 100% within the authority of the park board to grant this request so don’t think that it can be overruled by the city counsel. Once the park board makes its decision, it is final.
So what do we do now?
  • Talk to your neighbors and let them know what is going on. Share this email with them and get them involved.
  • If you are able to attend the meeting at 4:30pm Tuesday, June 7th in Room 104 of City Hall please be there. Nothing speaks louder than people in chairs. There will be an open comment period at the beginning of the meeting and if you want to share your opinion on this matter with the entire park board, this will be your chance.
  • If you cannot attend this meeting please take a few minutes to write an email to the entire park board. We need you to call and/or write the members of the park board and express, to them, your position on this matter. I have included a link to their email addresses below. If we lose this space to the construction of the Veterans Museum then that park land will forever be lost and a very concerning precedent will have been set. What will prevent other groups from coming to ask for some more park land for their project? Let’s not allow this door to be opened. Parks and public green space are as important to a neighborhood as safe streets.
  • Please let your voice be heard. Call, write or attend the meeting.
Wayne Norrie
VP – Historic Southwest Neighborhood Association
The upcoming Park Board meeting will be held June 7 at 4:30 pm in Room 104 of City Hall.

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