This is why taxpayers give developers $20 million every year.

I can’t even begin to express my disgust with these proposed appointments (specifically the process not necessarily the people).

Here’s the list of task force members I’m recommending and will be on the Council’s June 6th agenda.


  • Rich Decker former teacher and coach at Lourdes
  • Rich Walfoort retired IBM, intimately involved with Baldrige award & process management/quality
  • Marcia Marcoux former Council Member and good thinker
  • Richard Landwehr many leadership levels in community and former RPU Board member
  • Tracie Swing-Kozak proprietor of Outback Steakhouse, high customer service qualities


  • Thomas Prendergast architect/engineer, Benike
  • David Kane architect Kane & Johnson, part-owner Shoppes on Maine
  • Mike Paradise Bigelow Homes, strongly recommended by RAB
  • Don Borcherding Yaggy Colby, engineer and land surveyor, long-time Rochester association
  • Doug Holtan vice-chair facilities at Mayo Clinic

I think it’s a balanced team with some pretty good horses on both sides that Jerry may have to keep the reins tight.  I had more than 20 applications for each “side”

Landwehr, Tracie Swing-Kozak and Doug Holtan were all recommended by the Chamber along with 3 others that didn’t “make the cut” or were late getting their app in.

Mayor Ardell F. Brede

City of Rochester, Minnesota


Here was my response to the mayor.

I can’t speak to many of the individuals but I am disappointed that the 96% of non developer Rochester is represented by the same number of people as the 4% development community. Clearly my proportional representation plea was ignored.  This is why we have averaged 20 million dollars per year in subsidies to developers for the last decade.  If we cared about representing the community and not just developers this ratio would be a more appropriate 9-1 (or rather 24-1).

By the way, the 4% comes from 2008 jobs data for the Rochester MSA (jobs in construction and job related).

I am not sure if any of the “citizens” are active with neighborhood associations.  I also don’t think that anyone responsible for Washington Village subsidies should be representing “citizens.”

I imagine if I don’t speak up this will be on the consent agenda so no citizens can speak to it.


  1. Cindy, this is a group that is being created to make recommendations as to how to change the development process. This process is already heavily subsidized with taxpayers paying an addition $20 million per year in taxes and fees to subsidize developments. As such I am very sensitive to the makeup of this committee.

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