Holiday Inn City Center liquor license on hold.

While the council approved a liquor license for a future full restaurant at Holiday Inn City Center, that license is now on hold.  The city has a policy of not issuing licenses to business that have not paid taxes or other fees.  As it turns out owner Mayur Bhakta hasn’t paid his taxes for a couple of years.

Holiday Inn downtown is calling themselves “Holiday Inn City Center”.  I have attached the copies of the outstanding taxes for 2010 and 2011

2010 – second half of taxes due – $94,019.23

2011 – first half of taxes due       – $85,616.96

Judy Scherr, City Clerk

201 4th Street S.E., Room 135

Rochester, Minnesota 55904

This is the same owner who was found in violation of labor laws and made to compensate his wrongfully fired employees.  This is the same owner who is largely responsible for the huge increase in cost for the “Skyway to Nowhere.”  This is the same owner responsible for one of the ugliest buildings in Southeastern Minnesota.

Once again Mr. Bhakta, get your checkbook out and start acting responsibly.

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