Yup, we planted 1000 trees.

The weather was great, the volunteers were great, the food was great, and now the pain in my back is also great.  We had a tremendous time and I would like to personally thank all those involved.  Rene and Jacob showed outstanding leadership.  There were so many people involved, I don’t dare start to name them.  Rather that going on, I will just plagiarize what Citizen and Friend Bob Nowicki said.

Words can’t express how proud I am to be associated in some small way with you all and the very successful planting of 1000 TREES!!!!

What a “grand” event this turned out to be!   (Sorry, “grand” = “1000” … OK?)

Anyway, my thanks and gratitude on behalf of the RNeighbors’ Board, the RNeighborWoods Planning Committee, our fellow citizens and all who will live to see the benefits of your sharing of time and skills yesterday.  Thank you, Mayor Brede, for the best weather we’ve had for planting in many years (the mayor offered to be in charge of the weather because he unfortunately had other commitments.)   Feel free to pass this on to those you are in contact with that I don’t have in my distribution list above.

Special thanks to our Exec Director, Rene Lafflam and Rochester’s City Forester, Jacob Ryg, for their leadership, dedication, and willingness to tackle this major project and, of course to all who worked with them to see this thru.  Thanks to our many sponsors (almost ran out of room on our tee-shirts listing them) and to the experts from our local tree service businesses and to the Minnesota Conservation Corps for their assistance with mulch and other necessary work.  What a team and what a city!

I’m also very proud to have been part of the memorial tree dedication to our good friend, RNeighbors Board Member, and County Commissioner, Mike Podulke.  Stephanie, Mike’s wife,  paid tribute to Mike with several items planted with the tree that had very special meaning to herself and Mike which made the event so much more meaningful.  Pictures will be on our RNeighbors website and Facebook pages.

RNeighbors also received a check for $1000 from the MN Conservation Corps Conservation Minnesota Voter Center for our recycling efforts at this event as well as the Think Green Fair.  Thank you.  We really need all the funds we can find to continue doing what we do.

Finally, take a breather and celebrate Mother’s Day.  What a beautiful day so far.  Take mom for a ride to NW Rochester and marvel at the work a bunch of dedicated people can accomplish by working together.

As Rene closes her notes; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.” – Margaret Mead

Bob Nowicki

RNeighbors Board Chair

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