What’s at Stake? Or why redistricting matters to Rochester

This is the most important topic that we seldom discuss.

Thursday, May 5th,  7 – 8:30 pm
Rochester Senior Center
121 Broadway Ave N,
Rochester, MN 55906-3794
What’s at stake when it comes to how political district lines are drawn? The answer is simple: your voice our democracy. The process that occurs in Minnesota every 10 years following the national census is the foundation for how our representative democracy operates. At the most basic level, redistricting ensures the constitutional principle of “one person, one vote.”

The legislature is in the process of drawing new district boundaries – boundaries that will impact how our communities are held together or split apart, who our representatives are, how accountable they feel to us, and ultimately, what policies they will fight for – for the next ten years!

Speakers from Draw the Line Minnesota will provide background information, current status of redistricting, and how people can have an impact on the process.https://drawthelinemidwest.org/minnesota/join-us-in-rochester-whats-at-stake/

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