Wojcik the Design Engineer

Well I though that this part of my life was past, but I got to play designer with the folks at Public Works today.  I am working on behalf of the neighbors in Kutzky Park on the design of 2nd Street NW between 8th and 12th Avenues.

A long needed sewer upgrade is to be done this fall and as such 2nd street NW will be rebuilt.  This is a neighborhood street that is often used as a short cut by people going to or from downtown.  Because the street is very wide many people speed and it is dangerous to cross.  This will be the only chance to modify the street for maybe 75 years so it is best to do it right.

Our goals were to keep parking as it may be helpful for future redevelopment.  We also wanted to bump out as many intersections as possible to all to both slow traffic and protect pedestrians crossing.  There will be a public meeting on April 25th to discuss the project (6PM council chambers).  There will be some partial assessments.

We are also going to try to bury some conduit to allow for future undergrounding of utility lines.  I have made a request to work with home owners whose private water / sewer connections may need repair as well.

Here is some information on building good crosswalks.

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