Census Population Statistics in Wards

Here are the official census numbers for Rochester.  These are broken out by wards.  This is from Phil Wheeler:

Steve – the table below shows the Census counts for Rochester’s wards. There will be significant adjustments for three ward boundaries as the result of the Census; the others may escape significant changes. Ward 6 will have to incorporate some of Ward 3, so it is a good thing that they abut each other.

Note that the total exceeds the Rochester total count by 1,307. Of the difference, 994 is the result of annexations since the end of 2009. The other 313 is not yet accounted for. The discrepancy does not influence the conclusion above. – Phil

Note that Rochester’s population increased by nearly 25% so all areas grew, some just did not keep pace.  The big issue here is that Ward 6 will need to get much bigger.  There is a little bit of a challenge here in that because Bruce Snyder (Ward 3) lives on the East side of 52, Sandra Means (Ward 6) will have to curve around Cimarron Court.  Bruce could be redistricted out of his ward, but despite some of our disagreements, I would not even support this.

My Ward is about the correct size but I could see some small changes.  We have some divided neighborhoods that can now be reunited.  Here is what I think could happen.  I would take in all of Kutzky Park including 4.5 street from Bruce and a few folks from Mark (Ward 4).  Ed (Ward 1) would take 2-7 which is Autumn Ridge which is an outlier for me.  Mark could then take some of the neighborhood divisions in SE Rochester.  Randy (Ward 5) is just about perfect sized as is.  I suspect the Sandra may end up taking on much of Ward 3 south of 37th Street.

Just my guess but we will see what happens.

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