Sandra Means stands up for pay equity

Attached you will find a great letter from and response to Councilmember Sandra Means.  The letter is well written and hits the nail on the head.  If the reporting is too burdensome, lets address that, but don’t ignore that fact that women continue to earn less then men.

Sandra serves as the President of Minnesota Women in City Government in addition to her role on our city council.  As always Sandra’s point are well thought out and sensitive to all parties.

MWCG opposes outright repeal of the Gender Equity Act. If alternatives to the current proposed repeal of the current law are discussed, MWCG supports measures to address problems that cities have identified with the current reporting standards and the evaluation and determination of equitable pay scales. Such modifications should be less costly to implement and improve the accuracy of the reporting process as well as to provide an easily convenient and accurate method for cities to obtain data to confirm that the city is addressing gender equity as required and to comprehend the obligation to comply with such measures.

I like to joke that if you think I am sharp tongued and rough around the edges now, you should hear if I didn’t have Sandra’s more moderating influence…

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  1. The league response is typical hog wash, mandates in this instance are appropriate and proper since obviously the government bodies involved would not foster equity without monitoring.

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