Dayton supports Twin Cities to Rochester High Speed Rail.

Here is an article from the Post Bulletin.

This is good news for rail supporters in Rochester of which I am one.  High Speed Rail is REALLY expensive and we know that however so is air travel and highways.  We don’t notice the others as much because there is so much subsidy in those modes of transit. 

Our reliance on fossil fuels for transit has many down sides not the least of which is the future of ever higher oil prices.  High speed rail is the most energy and tax efficient form of regional transport after funding the upfront costs.  This is the future.

Since Rochester and the Twin Cities are Minnesota’s two most important economies a common linkage is important.  Imagine meeting a friend to lunch at the Mall of America.  Also imagine saving 15 billion dollars should the land locked MSP airport need to be expanded.  Instead of building a new airport, we could just use RST as the 3rd terminal of MSP.  It is good to have the governor fighting for us.  Also, “Thank You” Florida…

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