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I can not understand way the Rochester city library would need two full time maintenance people, with so few amenities, it is not very well spent dollars. There are places in Rochester with 3 times the square footage and 130 bathrooms, boilers, pools, snow removal, lawns, etc. that have only 1 maintenance person. Why is it the average Joe needs to suck- it up but the county and city does not understand how over staffed must of there departments are. If this was the private sector this would not be happening. thanks XXXX

Answer:  I actually really appreciate these types of questions because the get me to look into issues and either take appropriate action or provide an explanation.

Here was my response:

Thank you for the note.  Based on your comments I looked into this.  Here is what I found.

The Library does not have a cleaning service so maintenance does that as well, they did look at contracting it out, but found that would cost more.  They are actually cross trained in a number of areas and besides for HVAC.  They also run the building control and security systems.  Some of the equipment unique to the library is also maintained by these staff members including coin op machines, microfilm readers, and materials handling.  From time to time they will also help vendors and even drive the bookmobile.

I have been working on a 10 year budget lookback and noticed that real per capita library funding is down 10.4% in the last decade ($63.87 per person to $57.24).

I appreciate your concern and hope this information helps.  Feel free to contact me with any addition thoughts you might have.

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