Savannah’s Urban Design and Historic Preservation

Here is an Album of Savannah’s Urban Design and Historic Preservation.

A few things to notice:

  • When you take care of your parks people appreciate them more.  They don’t have huge treeless parks like we do in Rochester.
  • There is no excuse not to expect great design in urban areas.  Rochester is far wealthier than Savannah, but while they have high expectation for design we allow some very mediocre buildings.  The forthcoming Holiday Inn at the Gateway to Rochester on 2nd Street will have a 40 foot blank wall and metal door facing 2nd street on a site dominated by parking.
  • Historic Preservation does create a sense of place.  We need to better identify and preserve our remaining historic structures.  I miss you College Apartments.
  • Public Art makes for a great urban area.
  • For God’s sake, street trees and park trees shouldn’t be optional.

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